Whiter Hair with MSB

Countless letters and comments from people with white, gray or "salt and pepper" hair tell us that MSB is a wonderful addition to the rinse water when washing their hair.  It eliminates yellowing and gives their hair that beautiful whiteness which cannot be obtained even by products made especially for that purpose.  It is safe to use as a rinse, and because it is used by the drop, costs less than a penny per use! Use just a couple of drops in the rinse water.  No wonder hair salons are beginning to contact us!

PDF Download — Whiten Hair and Pets

Because we haven't tested MSB for whitening hair, we don't publish a specific formula.


blue drop pic (emphasized message)Basic Instructions for Whitening Hair with MSB
Our customers tell us that this is how they use MSB to whiten hair:


  • Wash and rinse hair (your hair or your pet's hair) as usual
  • Dilute a "couple" or a "few" drops of MSB in 1-2 quarts of water (water should be a light sky blue color).
  • Run diluted bluing through hair as the final rinse
Some do this preventively with every hair washing.  Some do this only as needed.


Whiter Pets

If MSB is good for white hair, is it good for white pet fur and hair?  The answer is, of course, YES! Owners of white pets claim MSB to be a real beauty treatment for their pets — even horses.  Whether it be a palomino's tail being readied for a parade or a poodle being groomed for a show, just a couple of drops of MSB in the rinse water does the trick!

Because we haven't tested MSB for whitening pet hair, we don't publish a specific formula. Customers that are pet-owners tell us the instructions above work on pets, too!


blue drop pic (emphasized message)

 Removal of Excess Bluing from Hair 

When someone uses too much bluing on fabric, our recommendation is to soak the fabric, airtight, in a solution of water and ammonia overnight.  Obviously, you cannot do this with hair.
Those who have found themselves in the situation of having over-blued their hair or the hair of their pet have told us that continuous washing will eventually remove the bluing.  Since bluing is not a permanent dye, this makes sense to us.  One pet owner said that after trying several soaps, Dawn dishwashing liquid worked the best.  Dog owners often recommend a good grooming and haircut.  Some who walk their pets outside have observed that sunlight seems to fade the blue.


Facts about MSB:

MSB is basically a blue iron powder suspended in water.  Even in it's concentrated from, MSB is gentle and environmentally friendly.  MSB is manufactured under non-sterile conditions and is therefore, not generally recommended for ingestion by human or animal.

MSB is manufactured and tested as a laundry whitener only.  All other uses are "at your own risk".  While we advertise MSB for some other uses, we try to remain clear that these other uses come to us from loyal customers and we pass the information on as a public service.

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