Did you think Mrs. Stewart's Bluing was used only in the laundry?

Meet the most versatile product on a grocer's shelves!  In the 140+ years that consumers have been using Mrs. Stewart's Bluing (MSB), dozens of additional uses for our product have been discovered!  We know of no other product, laundry or otherwise, that has as wide a variety of uses.  Virtually all of the uses below have been found by our consumers, who have written hundreds of thousands of letters over the years to tell us of their findings.  Click on the links listed below to learn more about the many uses of the very versatile MSB!

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The Many Uses of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing!

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White fabric becomes dingy over time. Keep your white fabrics looking their whitest with regular use of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing. For more information, visit our All About Bluing page.

Some years ago, the University of AZ printed a booklet on treatment for snake and insect bites in which it recommended Mrs. Stewart's Bluing be used to treat the bite of a Red Harvest Ant. They claim it to be "laboratory tested." Again, countless letters have been received over the years telling us how effective a dab of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing is on a bee sting. All expressed surprise in the "IMMEDIATE" relief!

It was discovered long ago that a few drops of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing in the rinse water makes fine crystal sparkle, and does the same for mirrors and windows. We have had many reports that MSB used in the rinse water when cleaning crystal chandeliers extends the sparkle. It is believed that dust particles are repelled by the bluing and the cleaning lasts much longer. In addition, light may reflect more effectively off of the bluing particles deposited on the glass surfaces. How can we disagree?

The fact that Mrs. Stewart's Bluing mixes readily in any water-based solution makes it ideal to color the casting material used in podiatric laboratories. By adding a blue color to certain layers of plaster used in casting, it is more easily determined where to add more plaster and where it is necessary to cut away. It is similarly used in sculpture and pottery work.

We have always boasted Mrs. Stewart's Bluing as a non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, environmentally friendly product. It does have a non-toxic amount of an organic biocide and pH balancer, which is added to prevent algae build up in our mixing tanks. However, even in it's concentrated form, the amount is too small for government standards to label it as toxic or hazardous. We have asked the Septic Tank "Seal of Approval" people to test our product to be endorsed by them as safe for septic tanks. They are prevented in doing so by our small size. However, many loyal customers attest to it's safe use with septic tanks. Download our PDF MSB and Septic Tanks for more information.

A woman called several years ago looking for Mrs. Stewart's Bluing for use in her pottery club. After some questioning it was learned someone had discovered that by adding MSB to the glaze when dipping pottery, one can more easily determine the area which was dipped by the blue color. Until this discovery, it was next to impossible for the potter to know exactly the area which was glazed, as the glazing does not show up on wet clay. The real beauty of this method is that i the firing, the blue is burned away and leaves a beautiful clear glaze!

A liquid fertilizer manufacturer found that Mrs. Stewart's Bluing added to his product in research experiments permitted him to follow the fertilizer through the plant and determine the rate of absorption.

The first blue carnations are credited to Mrs. Stewart's Bluing! Freshly cut carnations placed in a vase with a high content of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing in the water will by osmosis carry the blue color into the tips of the petals quickly. In science classes, teachers often use this concept to teach various scientific theories. (osmosis, capillary action, etc.)

Mrs. Stewart's Bluing is often used in fountains, bird baths and fish ponds to make the water more beautiful in appearance. This brings up many questions regarding the effect of MSB on fish, birds and plants. For more information, download our PDF "MSB in Fountains and Animal, Fish and Bird Ingestion" for additional information.

Ski Race Directors at ski resorts across the country have begun marking the center or edges of racecourses using Mrs. Stewart's Bluing to improve ski racecourse visibility under various lighting conditions and make the courses safer for ski racers. For more information, please Contact Us!

Occupational Medicine departments and Drug Testing companies use Mrs. Stewart's Bluing. Nearly all large companies now require drug testing for new employees and some even require regular drug testing for all employees. This occurs via urine test. A little bluing in the water of the toilet can help to determine whether someone has "cheated" a drug test. Many drug testing kits contain mrs. Stewart's Bluing as the bluing agent used in the kit and many facilities purchase MSB directly for this purpose.

Mrs. Stewart's Bluing is useful when checking for leaks in drain systems, automotive cooling systems and toilet tanks. By pouring a little MSB into a toilet's holding tank, it is easy to see whether or not the tank leaks through into the bowl, wasting water. MSB is used with other application to find or determine the presence of plumbing leaks as well. It is cost effective, easy and completely safe.

What use do you have for Mrs. Stewart's Bluing?


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