Mrs. Stewart's Bluing Helps to Protect Our Earth!

At Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing, we value quality of life. We care about what we put into the earth’s air and water. It is for this reason that we continue to ensure that Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing is packaged in recyclable plastic. If you would like more detailed and technical information on our product, we invite you to view our Safety Information.

Ways we Can Protect the Earth When Doing Laundry

  • Purchase laundry products packaged in recycled and recyclable materials. When empty – recycle.
  • Purchase refill products in cardboard cartons rather than plastic bottles.
  • Use products that are free of phosphates, sulfates and builders.
  • Did you know that each time you wear and wash synthetic fibers like polyester, rayon, nylon and lycra, they release harmful micro plastics into the environment?  So, wear natural fiber clothing like cotton, linen, wool.
  • For whitening, choose Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing rather than bleach.
  • To save water, set your washing machine level for the size load you’re washing or wait until you have a full load.
  • To save electricity & gas, wash with warm and cool water. Always rinse in cold water.
  • Use an adequate amount of detergent, but not more than necessary. Too many suds hamper effective washing and require more energy for extra rinsing.
  • Keep in mind that a 10-minute cycle is usually enough for even very soiled clothes.
  • Use the soak cycle to save time and money.
  • Wait for a full load to use your dryer. However, remember that overloading makes your machine less efficient and more costly to operate.
  • Use warm to cool settings on your dryer, especially for permanent press clothes.
  • Keep the lint filter on your dryer clean.
  • Your dryer will run most efficiently if you dry clothes that are of the same thickness.
  • Use dryer balls in the dryer - they keep your items separated, allowing air to circulate more efficiently, reducing the energy needed to run your dryer.
  • Use Google to learn more about environmentally friendly laundry practices and to find environmentally friendly products like Mrs. Stewart's Bluing.

If you have further questions, please Contact Us.