Mrs. Stewart's Bluing is Safe ...

For You, Your Children, Your Pets
Even in it's concentrated form, MSB is gentle and environmentally friendly.  The ingredients in MSB consist of water, a blue iron powder (a pigment), and a very, very small amount of an organic biocide / pH balancer that is added as a preservative and to keep algae from growing in our tanks and in the bottle.  It is safe for you to handle when doing laundry.  It is safe around your children and pets.  Since 1883, to our awareness, no person or animal has ever become sick due to coming in contact with Mrs. Stewart's Bluing in any way. It is important to know that MSB is manufactured under non-sterile conditions.

For the Earth
Mrs. Stewart's Bluing is safe for air, water, plants, earth.  The product itself will not hurt the elements of our environment.  The bottle is made of plastic that can be recycled.  For more information about how you can help protect the earth, visit our "MSB and the Environment" page.

If you have additional comments or questions regarding the safety of MSB, please Contact Us.