Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing is proud to be a part of the American educational process. MSB has been used for generations to make Salt Crystals - a popular science project for all ages.  Did you know that MSB has many other uses in your school?

  • In the ART room, MSB is used as ink for calligraphy, pottery glazing, and for salt crystal dioramas.
  • In the SCIENCE lab, MSB is used for salt crystal growth (which can teach the scientific principles of evaporation and mineral formation), making carnations blue (which teaches capillary action), and scientific method testing and reporting.
  • In PHYSICAL EDUCATION, MSB can be used to mark the edge of ski race courses or outdoor games in the snow and can keep school pool water looking inviting.
  • In FAMILY AND CONSUMER SCIENCE, MSB whitens laundry and makes glass and crystal sparkle.
  • In LANGUAGE ARTS and HISTORY, instructing students to write about any of the above teaches informational comprehension and procedural writing. The history of MSB is a fascinating investigation into an old-fashioned product surviving the advances of society and technology over 100 years.

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