Check out these "friends" of Mrs. Stewart's Bluing

The Spruce - Laundry
While our link takes you to The Spruce Laundry area, their website is much broader.  In their Laundry area, we think they do a really good job of testing laundry products, giving instructions for how to do laundry, and sharing information about how to overcome some of the obstacles of laundry.  Check them out!

Remodelista gives practical ideas and resources for remodeling.  We found this link, where Remodelista has an excellent article about Mrs. Stewart's Bluing and gives excellent instructions on how to use bluing for several laundry applications.  

Martha Stewart Homekeeping Solutions
Martha Stewart shares her fondness for MSB on her website. She uses it, particularly on antique linens and lace.

Salmon University
Use MSB to brighten herring bait for use in salmon fishing. This link gives step-by-step instructions for brining herring using MSB.  We've tried this on bait for our northern Minnesota pike and walleye and were surprised at how well it worked!  It's not just for salmon.

Berdines Five and Dime
Berdine’s, located in Harrisville, WV, is the country’s oldest working Five and Dime store.  Open since 1908, they are “One Giant Leap Back in Time”.  They carry hard-to-find nonsensical merchandise, candy by the pound, toys, novelties, and of course, Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing.  A “Best Treasure” in WV. Facebook: Berdines Five & Dime

Red Hill General Store
Located in Hillsville, VA, and online, you'll find a good old-fashioned general store that sells good old-fashioned products, including Mrs. Stewart's Bluing.  Looking for an old lantern or stoneware mixing bowl?  You'll find them here, along with other products they just don't make like they used to.

Stem Toy Expert
If you are a homeschool parent or a teacher, you will want to visit this website.  The Salt Crystal growth experiment (including video) is featured in their article "32 Cool Science Experiments for Kids (that are Fun AND Easy!" They have a variety of free, downloadable experiments, info sheets, etc. to help develop the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) brain cells in your kids!


If you know of other interesting sites or articles that refer to Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing (MSB), the growth of salt crystals, or contains laundry-related content, please Contact Us. Unrelated links will not be considered for this page. Thank you.