Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing (MSB) receives many emails, phone calls and letters from customers. Some disclose newly discovered uses for MSB. Some thank us generously for keeping the best laundry whitener in the world on the market. Some share memories of wash days and salt crystal gardens. We thought you might like to read some of them.

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I very seldom take time out to write about a product. However, when I find one that I feel really is spectacular, it’s worth the time. I know MSB has been on the market forever as I remember seeing it on laundry shelves when I was growing up. A few months ago, my neighbor reminded me about this wonderful product, so I purchased it at my next grocery store visit. WOW! WHAT A SPECTACULAR DIFFERENCE! It is a good feeling to take your shoes off and discover your family has on clean looking socks, or the T-shirt that they so often wear looks so fresh white and sparkling clean. Using MSB certainly has added a beauty to our clean clothing. I wouldn’t think of doing laundry without it. It would be like eating a sandwich without mayo, french fries without ketchup, a baseball game without a pitcher or a pretty snowfall without hot chocolate. Failing to use MSB in your wash is definitely like having 4th of July without fireworks.

M.A. West – Kankakee, IL


I have just recently discovered your product, MSB, and to say the least, I’m ecstatic over my new discovery. We live in a rural area, and have well-water as our source of water supply. Our well is fed by a natural underground spring, which makes for sparkling clear water. However, when we experience a very heavy rainfall, the water will appear “dingy” and the result, of course, is “dingy” whites. I’ve tried presoaks, bleach, and nothing made a really noticeable difference until I tried your product.  I’m telling everybody about my new discovery!

D. Turney – Hulbert, OK


I am stopping in the midst of doing my laundry to write to you to tell you that I use your “MSB” every time I wash – EVERY load. For years, I could not find it in the markets, so when I finally did see it, I bought every plastic bottle that was on the shelf. Growing up, my mother couldn’t rinse without bluing. That was when she used the wringer type washer and two stove tubs – one to soak and one to rinse.  I learned and was taught by her how to “hang out” a white, clean wash! My lingerie and kitchen cloths, for years, looked like (are you old enough for this???) “tattletale gray”, and I knew the missing bluing had something to do with it. Now, every time I put in a load of wash, in goes the MSB, too, and believe me, there is a difference. Even my husband commented on the change. I’ve been meaning for a long time to write to tell you so – and today is the day. The other loads will wait – I have a “Thank You”, most belated to write. Most Sincerely,

H.P. – Roswell, GA


My German grandparents had a hotel in West-Central Wisconsin, which was built around 1880. When your MSB product became available in the early 1900’s, they always used it in the 2nd rinse water. Whiter than white sheets were a must in a hotel at that time. Of course, the washing machine was the wringer type. My mother also used your MSB after she was married in the 1930’s in Minneapolis. I carried on the “family tradition” when I was married in the late 1950’s. I have even saved one of the old bottles with the cork in it! This is just a little 90 year testament to your great product. I hope you go on forever! Anonymous My main reason in writing to you is to tell you how great is MSB. I recently attended a function where it was appropriate to wear my wedding dress I made of embossed cotton (white) 29 years ago. It was at an assembly where I spoke in front of 1,200 people. I had so many people ask me how I kept my dress so white! I told them I use MSB. It’s a great product. Thank you.

M. Theirl – Milwaukee, OR


Can you possibly stand yet another glowing testimony regarding MSB? Prepare yourselves because this consumer couldn’t be happier with your product! Environmentally safe, fabric-friendly and multipurpose – all for such a reasonable price? I thought products like this were extinct! You guys are great!

C. Spriher – St. Paris, OH


Thank you so much! My 6th grade daughter did her Science Fair experiment on your Magic Salt Crystal Garden and she won one of the top three in her class! She went on to win fourth place in the middle school! We are so proud of her efforts! Thank you for such a finely organized project and report on salt crystals! It was fascinating, and many of her friends want to try it. We all learned a lot and it was especially interesting because it covered the fact that it was not a chemical reaction. She had been studying chemistry!

D. Thomas – Orlando, FL


When I was a boy in Chicago (1935), one of our elementary school science projects was to make a Salt Crystal Garden. Back then, it was called a “Coal Plant” and required a good chunk of anthracite coal instead of sponge (which nobody could afford in those days), salt, MSB, and food coloring. It was cultivated for about two weeks and the results, to us youngsters, was spectacular. No two were alike and all of them were displayed in a huge window of The Chicago Tribune Tower “Citizens Of Tomorrow” display. I intend to dazzle my wife with this phenomena.

I. Teeter – Orlando, FL


I finally found MSB! My daughter got married New Years Eve and wore my wedding veil. It would not have been possible without MSB! She had taken it to the cleaners and they couldn’t get it white again. I thought, ‘what have we got to loose’ and washed it myself using MSB and it came out sparkling white after being stored for 28 years. Thank you!

J. Clarke –Pt. Claire, Quebec, Canada


I am about to become a Grandmother! I have my children’s christening dress (32 years old). I got it out and it was soooo yellow from age and not properly stored – I was very disappointed. But, my daughter-in-law took it home and purchased a bottle of MSB to whiten it with. I just want to tell you that it came out soooo white and beautiful. We are so happy about it. The new baby will wear it for his/her christening. Thank you so much for your GREAT product!!! M.K. Spencer –Medina, TN WOW!! I remember Mom using MSB in her white clothes. They used to practically gleam on the clothesline! Everything got the bluing treatment in the rinse water! Please … don’t ever stop making this wonderful product. I will use it forever and pass the info on to all of my family and friends!

G. Thornton – East Point, GA


We use MSB for an unusual application. I teach fluid mechanics at the University of TX and use fluid ‘markers’ that help visualize where the flow is going as it passes around an object or through a restriction. I found a reference in an old journal article that was written in the 1930’s to the use of laundry bluing for this purpose, so I tried it and found that it is superior to any other substance we have used for this purpose. The reason, apparently, is that the particles are so small that they stay suspended in the fluid without sinking, and therefore accurately track the fluid motion. Thanks. Dr. Schmidt – University of TX MSB is a great product. The company I work for does drug and alcohol testing. Federal regulations require that we put bluing in the toilet water before a person enters the rest room to provide a urine specimen for a drug test. There are products available to our industry for this purpose, but they come in a tablet or powder form and are messy to use, not to mention expensive. MSB does a fantastic job! I conduct training seminars and always tell people about MSB!

J. Miller – Mogodore, OH


I just wanted to say that I have been using MSB for over 10 years. I love the stuff! I tell my friends about it all the time. They usually have a hard time understanding how much better it is than bleaching. I never use bleach and wear a lot of white in the spring and summer. I get compliments on how great my clothes look, especially when people find out that some of my clothes are years old! Thanks MSB! Babs – via E-mail I have found that MSB not only whitens whites, but that a little bluing in the wash cycle with colored fabrics also brightens and refreshes these fabrics. I had previously used another bluing product – a powder that has now been discontinued. Your MSB is far superior and much easier to use. As long as I’ve got laundry to do, you’ll have a consumer of MSB!

C. Timm – Albuquerque, NM


I absolutely love MSB! After years of carefully working with bleach, I found MSB and decided to give it a try. MSB worked so well that I have continued using it. Because I need only use a VERY small amount, I find it to be more economical than bleach products. And, no more worry about ruining my clothes! I have passed this information along to several friends and they are using MSB as well and love it just as I do! So glad I found you!

D. Koster – Barberton, OH


I wanted to share with you my discussion with my husband about MSB this week. I mentioned that I writing to you a letter raving about MSB … which told of discovering MSB when a neighbor gave me her bottle and having used it I could not understand why she would ever give it away because it works so well to keep laundry white and bright. He wanted to know if I had included him in my comments. He brought to my attention that he uses our MSB more than I do … in our fountain, bird bath and swimming pool. It gives a refreshing and inviting look to the water. Thanks for a wonderful product!

M. Valenzuela – Monrovia, CA


I wanted to let you know how much I love your product, MSB. There was always a bottle above the washer growing up, but I never knew what it was until after I married.  My husband taught martial arts and I noticed how yellow his white uniforms were becoming.  I tried MSB on one and noticed a difference immediately.  He receives many compliments on how brilliant white his uniforms are and has been asked several times for his ‘secret’. He would say, “ask my wife, the one with laundry magic” and I would tell them the magic is MSB!”  Thank you so much for keeping an awesome product around.

T Neff — Internet