Jefco, Inc. dba Mrs. Stewart's Bluing

What began in 1883 with Al Stewart, a midwest peddler of Mrs. Stewart's® Bluing, is now the country’s best way to keep white clothing looking it's whitest and to restore dingy whites to bright white!

Mrs. Stewart's® Bluing
" . . . for over 140 years, the most effective, safe,
versatile, economical, environmentally friendly
laundry whitener available."

... has become our slogan and explains quite well what is important to most consumers and what is important to us. We have a good quality, time-tested product, have been family-owned since the beginning, boast of the best customer service, value old-fashioned integrity ... just like Mrs. Stewart once did. 

Learn more about our historical journey.

Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing is currently manufactured in Bloomington, MN, US, by Jefco, Inc.  It has always been manufactured in the US. Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing is primarily available in grocery and hardware stores. We believe this is the best way to get our product to most consumers.  In keeping with modern demand, Mrs. Stewart's Bluing is also available online through our website for those who cannot find it locally. Putting MSB into the hands of everyone who wishes to obtain it has always been our goal and remains our goal today.

We invite you to explore our web site and learn more about us and our wonderful product, Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing, and to Contact Us directly with questions, concerns, suggestions, or new uses.  We’d love to hear from you!