Do you want your swimming pool water to GLEAM?

One of the other uses for Mrs. Stewart's® Bluing is to brighten the blue color in swimming pools. We don't have an exact formula for this use, but we have had many customers write to us thanking us for a simple solution to beautiful water in their swimming pools!

MSB in Swimming Pools Instructions Yellow Box

PDF Download — Using Bluing in Swimming Pools

Will MSB affect the chemicals in the pool?:
MSB shouldn't affect the chemical process you are already using for your pool.  We have not had any "pool" customers report any kind of negative chemical reactions in their pools as a result of using MSB.  It is used in pools simply to make the color brighter. MSB should not be used as a substitute for the chemicals required and recommended by your pool manufacturer.

MSB with Aerated Pools Yellow Box

Facts about MSB:
MSB is basically a blue iron powder suspended in water and contains a non-toxic amount of a biocide and pH balancer.  Even in it's concentrated from, MSB is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly.  MSB is manufactured under non-sterile conditions and is therefore, not generally recommended for ingestion by human or animal.

MSB is manufactured and tested as a laundry whitener only.  All other uses are "at your own risk".  While we advertise MSB for some other uses, we try to remain clear that these other uses come to us from loyal customers and we pass the information on as a public service.

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