Do you want your swimming pool water to GLEAM?

One of the other uses for Mrs. Stewart's® Bluing is to brighten the blue color in swimming pools. We don't have an exact formula for this use, but we have had many customers write to us thanking us for a simple solution to beautiful water in their swimming pools!

PDF Download - MSB in Swimming Pools


blue drop pic (emphasized message)How to use MSB in Swimming Pools
This is for a pool that is approximately 20 x 40 feet in size. 
  • Pour 1-2 bottles of bluing into the pool at the place where the water enters the pool from the filtration system.
  • Allow 1-2 hours for the bluing to circulate the pool and color the water evenly before entering the pool.
Sunlight will eventually diffuse the blue out of the water.  Add another bottle of two of MSB when the color begins to fade.

Will MSB affect the chemicals in the pool?:
MSB shouldn't affect the chemical process you are already using for your pool.  We have not had any "pool" customers report any kind of negative chemical reactions in their pools as a result of using MSB.  It is used in pools simply to make the color brighter. MSB should not be used as a substitute for the chemicals required and recommended by your pool manufacturer.


blue drop pic (emphasized message)
What about using MSB in Jacuzzis, Whirlpools, and Hot Tubs?
We do NOT recommend using MSB in an aerated pool like a jacuzzi, whirlpool, or hot tub.  The reason is that the bluing particles tend to cling to the outside of the bibles, travel to the sides of the tub, and, depending on the absorbency of the material of the tub, leave a permanent blue "ring around the tub".

MSB is manufactured and tested as a laundry whitener only.  All other uses are "at your own risk".  While we advertise MSB for some other uses, we try to remain clear that these other uses come to us from loyal customers and we pass the information on as a public service.