Return Policy

Every bottle of Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing carries a satisfaction guarantee for laundry whitening. If you purchase and use Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing as directed to whiten your clothing and find that it does not whiten your clothing to your satisfaction, please contact us. With your receipt and return of the product, we will reimburse you the amount of your purchase.

Other uses are “at your own risk”. These uses have been “discovered” by loyal Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing users and have become very popular uses over the years. We are happy to pass along information from customer to customer as a public service, and if you discover additional uses, we’d love to hear from you about them. However, since we do not test Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing for uses other than laundry whitening, we can only guarantee Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing as a laundry whitener.