Removal of Excess Bluing

Remove Excess Bluing InstructionsOccasionally, we are contacted by a customer who has experienced an accidental spill of bluing on fabric or has used a little more bluing in their wash than directed. First, let us assure you that our bluing is not a dye, and it is removable from all washable fabric. Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing is a very concentrated product, and care should always be taken to use only from a few drops up to a quarter of a teaspoonful (depending on wash load size). To many people it seems impossible that such a small amount can whiten as dramatically as it does, and the common tendency is to use more bluing than is needed. Also, the bluing should be diluted in a quart or more of water and then added to the washer so as to not splash full-strength bluing on fabric.

To eliminate the excess bluing from your clothing, the following procedure is recommended:

  1. Put the clothing in a container that can be covered tightly (a 5-gallon bucket with a good, tight lid or a plastic bag with a twist tie).
  2. Use a solution of 1/2 Cup household ammonia to 1 Quart cold water. Make enough of this strength of solution to submerge your clothing.
  3. Make the container as airtight as possible to keep the fumes in. Ammonia evaporates very quickly and we have found that ammonia is the only substance that will remove the excess bluing.
  4. Soak for 24 hours. Then, run clothing through a regular wash cycle with detergent only.

In addition to the procedure above, you may find the following points helpful:

  • DO NOT USE BLEACH! Bleach will set the bluing in more permanently. If you have already attempted to remove the excess bluing with bleach, use a solution of 1 C. household ammonia to 1 qt. of cold water and soak, covered tightly for 48-72 hours. You may need to perform this procedure 2-3 times, washing with detergent following each process.
  • The ammonia will not harm fabric that is washable, and it is the only remedy we know of that will definitely remove all traces of bluing.
  • If the procedures above do not remove the excess bluing, or you have further questions, please contact us.
  • If you’ve spilled bluing on something that cannot be soaked (shoes, countertop, porcelain sink, etc.), full strength household ammonia may remove the excess bluing.
  • If you have over-blued your white pet, download our Whiten Hair & Pets pdf, or contact us. Please be assured that bluing is non-toxic and will not harm your pet. We will help you remove the excess bluing from the white hair.
  • Bluing is not recommended for use in whirlpools, spas and jacuzzis because the blue powder particles tend to cling to the bubbles, travel to the sides of the tub and produce a blue ring on the tub. Again, if this has happened, full strength ammonia may remove the excess bluing.