Reduce Algae Growth in Fountains / Information on Animal, Fish and Bird Ingestion

Animal Fish Bird Ingestion and Reducing AlgaeBecause Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing does not affect the clarity of water, it can be used anywhere to change otherwise drab-looking water into a pool of beauty. A Holiday Inn owner in California has been using Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing in his fountain which he claims has inspired many motels in his area to display that clear, Pacific blue water in fountains, bird baths, garden pools and swimming pools. Some customers report that bluing in bird baths and fish ponds also helps reduce algae buildup and because MSB is non-toxic, it won’t hurt the birds or fish.

Over the years, we have had many reports of:

  • MSB being used in fish tanks and fish ponds.
  • MSB being used in bird baths
  • MSB being used by farmers in drinking watering troughs
  • MSB being used by pet owners in their pet’s drinking water.

Customers claim that MSB helps to reduce the algae growth that occurs in fish tanks, ponds and bird baths, keeping them cleaner longer. Farmers claim that it reduces distemper and other diseases. They claim that the flies that carry these diseases won’t lay eggs on the water if it is blued. Farmers also use it to prevent disease in young chicks. Dog-owners have used MSB to prevent kennel cough and other diseases as well as to keep the noses of their white dogs from yellowing – particularly with show dogs. Many veterinarians recommend it to their clients. It is put directly on sores, insect bites, ring-worm, etc.

For more information and product disclaimers, please download our factsheet on Animal/Fish/Bird Ingestion of Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing.