MSB, Denim and Colors

Using Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing with Mixed and Color Loads

Download a PDF on Using MSB with Denim and ColorsA disclaimer: MSB is manufactured and tested as a laundry whitener only. All other uses are “at your own risk”. While we advertise MSB for some other uses, we try to remain clear that these other uses come to us from loyal customers and we pass the information on as a public service.

Facts about MSB: MSB is basically a blue iron powder suspended in water and contains a non-toxic amount of a biocide and pH balancer. Even in it’s concentrated form, MSB is non-toxic, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. MSB is manufactured under non-sterile conditions and is therefore, not generally recommended for ingestion by human or animal.

YES! — MSB is very safe for colors. In fact, many of our customers use MSB in every load claiming that it brightens their colors as well as whitening their whites. MSB is NOT bleach. It is very gentle on fabric and there is never worry about fading of bleeding colors as a result of using MSB.

MSB can also be used to restore “blue” to blue jeans — just use more than directed. You’ll have to experiment with this. Since we manufacture and test MSB as a laundry whitener only, it is the only use we can provide a formula for.