Material Safety Data Sheets and Safety Information

Our SDS (Safety Data Sheet) contains the latest information relating to our product. If you are in possession of any former Luther Ford & Co. MSDS or former Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing Corporation MSDS for this product, please discontinue using them and download our current version from this page. The format of this SDS has changed substantially from previous versions and has been modified to follow the new GHS format. Please:

  • Review this SDS and ensure you understand and comply with its content.
  • Inform all employees and other users of the information contained in this SDS before handling the product.
  • Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing updates SDSs when substantial new information is obtained. Newly modified SDSs should be forwarded to all downstream users.

This SDS contains information which may be helpful for you to comply with certain regulations and laws. It is not all inclusive information and could not be. Only you are in a position to determine what legal and other requirements are associated with the use of this product in your particular process and operation. It is your obligation to understand and comply with all information contained in this SDS as well as all applicable laws, rules and regulations relating to your handling, use, storage and processing of this material.

If you want additional copies of this SDS, we are happy to provide them to you, at no charge, via mail, fax, e-mail, or you can download a PDF copy from our web site. If you have questions or desire additional information in the handling, storage, use, or disposal of this product, please contact us.