Mark Ski Race Courses

Ski Race Directors at ski resorts across the country have begun marking the center or edges of racecourses using Mrs. Stewart’s® Bluing to improve ski racecourse visibility under various lighting conditions.

When mixed with water and applied to the snow surface of a ski racecourse, MSB produces a blue line which can be applied to either the edge or center of the course. The line is very bright in flat light conditions, adding to the depth perception. This creates a higher level of safety for alpine racers who are presented with serious visual challenges when sking from bright sun into shade.

Mrs Stewart's bluing is used for marking ski racecourcesMSB is applied using a spray apparatus, such as a wildland firefighter backpack sprayer or a backpack chemical sprayer of 4-5 gallon capacity. The challenge is to keep the mix from freezing during application, which is accomplished using various products that prevent freezing of liquids. The need for this, of course, is dependent on outside temperature.

A 12-18″ bluing line is applied using cross hatch markings to either the center or the edges of a race course, marking parallel to the race “line”. More can be applied as needed in snowy conditions. After the race is over, the line simply fades in the sun over a couple days or disappears in the weather.

A Race Director of a major ski area in Colorado suggests the use of MSB as a viable means to make the racecourse more visible and more safe.

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