Many Uses for MSB

So Many Other Uses For Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing

Did you think Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing was used only in the laundry?

Meet the most versatile product on a grocer’s shelves! In the 100+ years that consumers have been using Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing, dozens of additional uses for our product have been discovered! We know of no other product, laundry or otherwise, that has as wide a variety of uses. Virtually all of the uses below have been found by our consumers, who have written hundreds of thousands of letters over the years to tell us of their findings. Click on the links listed below to learn more about some of them:

Those are just a few of the many uses for Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing that have been reported. Others include reducing the algae growth in feeding troughs of farm animals and garden fish ponds, diminishing reported cases of distemper in small farm animals, myriads of artistic uses, coloring wall paper paste to aid in even spreading, re-bluing denim jeans that have faded, tie-dying T-shirts without chemicals, and many more! While Jefco, Inc. dba Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing manufacturers and endorses our product as a laundry whitener, it is obvious by the many letters we have received that this unique product has many other uses. We hope you’ll give it try in your home!

If you know of uses for Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing that have not been listed here – we would love to know what they are. Please contact us!