Laundry Tips

Mrs. Stewart’s® Home Washing Guide

Click to download Mrs. Stewart's Home Washing GuideMrs. Stewart’s® Home Washing Guide is a tradition! We have been making this booklet available to consumers for over 90 years – FREE OF CHARGE! It is a practice we continue to offer because we care. We hope you’ll enjoy this “ON-LINE” version of our Home Washing Guide. If you’d like a copy mailed to you, contact us or go to Products and order the Home Washing Guide Publication – we’ll mail it to you at no charge!

A little common sense and effort in caring and laundering can extend the life and appearance of a garment, and as a result, save time and money. Most people are very careful to use exact measurements when they cook or bake. This guide is written to help you be just as exact when doing laundry. The most common reason for unsatisfactory laundering results is not following the directions. Throughout this guide, you will notice that we emphasize these important points:

  • Follow instructions on the garment Care Label.
  • Follow machine Manufacturer’s Instructions.
  • Follow instructions on the Product Label.
  • Problems? – Call the Manufacturer.

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