Laundry Safety / Children

Keep your children safe while teaching them laundry basics.

Click to download Mrs. Stewart's Home Washing GuideYoung children should be supervised when near the washer or dryer. With good teaching and patience, older children can learn to do laundry. Here are some tips for making laundry easier for kids:

  • Since most light and dark fabrics can be washed together in cold water these days, a lot of the sorting we used to think was necessary isn’t always, and sorting by color is relatively simple for most children.
  • Teach children to check their clothes before tossing them into the hamper making sure they are right-side out, the zippers are zipped and the pockets are empty.
  • Post a safe stain removal chart near the laundry area and encourage children to treat stains while they are fresh. If safety is a concern, some stains could say, “See Mom” or “See Dad”.
  • Teach children to pin socks together before tossing them into the hamper. After laundering, socks can also be put in drawers this way. This avoids unmatched socks. Or, launder each child’s socks in a separate hose mesh bag or zippered pillow case. When they are clean and dry, let each child be responsible for sorting her own socks.

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