Laundry Equipment

Setting Up Your Laundry Room

Click to download Mrs. Stewart's Home Washing GuideYou can make the task of doing laundry more pleasant by arranging your laundry area in an efficient and pleasant manner. If you are planning a new laundry room, plan plenty of space and adequate lighting. Consider where machines and tubs will be placed to create the most efficient work flow. Plan electricity, gas and water appropriate to your layout. Consider the need for shelving and hanger space.

If you are working with a preexisting laundry area, add lighting or shelving and re-plan a sorting area with labeled laundry baskets. A bulletin board for stain-removal information or for pinning up Care Labels from certain garments is invaluable. Are your iron and ironing board handy and near a safe outlet?

Keep the laundry room clean, wiping surfaces frequently – a couple drops of bleach may look like water, but can permanently damage a good garment.

Laundry Equipment

Any machine will clean or dry adequately provided you use the right cycle, correct amount of detergent, proper water level and follow the machine Manufacturer’s Instructions. Here are some general maintenance tips to help extend the life of your machines:

  • Keep your loads balanced evenly.
  • Clean the lint filters on both the washer and the dryer – after every cycle.
  • Clean dryer exhaust ducting once each year.
  • Wipe the machines out regularly to remove detergent, bleach & fabric softener residue.
  • Avoid overloading your machines.
  • Place machines in a heated room which will require less “warm-up” energy.
  • Follow yearly maintenance checklists provided in machine manuals.
  • An occasional “overhaul” by a professional is recommended to replace cracked seals, check hoses, re-balance, etc.
  • Drain a washer before storing in an unheated area for an extended time. Service before using.
  • To avoid electric shock, don’t use an extension cord to connect your washer. Instead, move the outlet or have a longer power cord installed.

Keep your manuals handy

If you do not have a machine manual, contact the manufacturer of your machine to obtain one. Many manufacturers now have manuals for download from their web site. Keep in mind that some manufacturers do not keep older manuals indefinitely. If you still cannot find a manual, try