Hand Washing Special Garments with MSB

Download a PDF on Special Items / Handwashing with MSBMSB is the perfect product to help whiten a “special” garment or piece of a fabric such as an antique christening gown, wedding dress, or your great-grandmothers hand-crocheted table cloths and doilies.

Instructions for hand-bluing special pieces:

Begin by removing stains, washing and rinsing the garment as you normally would. MSB is not a stain remover. Use a stain remover and detergent gentle enough for your garment and hand-wash in a clean sink full of cool water. Rinse thoroughly.

Then, fill a clean tub or sink with cool, clean water. Dilute a few drops of bluing in 1 quart of more of water and add the diluted bluing to the water in the sink. The water should be a light sky-blue color. Then, simply “dip” your special piece in the bluing water and air dry (in the sunlight if possible). If your piece has aged for a very long time, you may find that 2 or 3 procedures may be necessary (blue, dry, blue dry, blue, dry). Please remember that using more MSB is NOT better. It is better to repeat the procedure as directed than to use more bluing.

Take Note:

MSB is an “optical whitener”. It is NOT a “stain remover”. If there are stains on your piece, you should attempt to remove them before whitening with MSB. There is a Stain Removal Guide in the MSB Home Washing Guide section of our website or we would be happy to send a copy of our Home Washing Guide to you.

MSB is NOT a “dye-remover” or a “bleach”. If the original color of your “special piece” is “off-white” or “cream”, MSB will brighten the fabric a bit, but it will not dye the piece snow-white. When using MSB, you are not “removing” anything from your fabric. Instead you are adding a small amount of “blue” to the fabric. To our human eye, blue-white is the whitest white.

More is NOT better with bluing. Please follow the directions.