Brighten Swimming Pool Water

Swimming-Pools-ThumbYears ago, a woman in southern California added a bottle of Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing to her swimming pool before the arrival of weekend house guests. The result was, to her, nothing short of a miracle! The inviting appearance of the pool kept the guests in a swimming mood the entire weekend and the hostess could relax and enjoy her guests as well as her Pacific blue pool. Some pool manufacturers and dealers use Mrs. Stewart’s Bluing in their display pools and claim it really helps to close a sale. For standard pools (20′ x 40′), add one or two bottles where water is recirculated from the filter, being careful not to splash directly on pool surface. Do not use in aerated pools such as jacuzzis or whirlpools as spotting can occur. Incidentally, a little bluing in the bath water can work wonders getting kids into the tub, too!

How to use MSB in Swimming Pools

We are told that the best way to use MSB in a swimming pool is to put 1-2 bottles of bluing into the pool at the point where the water enters the pool from the filtration system. Give the pool 1-2 hours to thoroughly circulate the bluing throughout the water. This is for a pool approximately 20′ x 40′. Sunlight will eventually diffuse the blue out of the water. Add another bottle of MSB when the color begins to fade.

Download our PDF for further instructions on how to Brighten Swimming Pool Water.